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Petra Emerald

The image of Nature - “All-in-one”!

Emeralds are born by nature, and any alternative would be inappropriate here. Any one – except for that proposed by us, the Petra experts.

Sharp and straight forms might be unsuitable for a human being but it is necessary condition of beautiful crystal appearance. The lab-grown crystals have a planned shape but they keep their unique natural qualities. Don't look for non-typical hues or artificial inclusions because you're holding real emerald in your hands!

There's no necessity to explain modern people what 'exclusive' means. But when the conversation drifts to exclusive faceting Petra experts will not only explain but also demonstrate it vividly. What can be more enchanting and impressive than Petra Created Emerald cut specially for you? 

Petra Created Emeralds are:

  • growing crystals by the method borrowed from nature;
  • the highest quality is our standard;
  • perfect purity and natural hues;
  • crystals of different shapes and sizes from large to minuscule;
  • tolerance to processing and high temperature load;
  • suitability to be flooded with molten gold in the course of industrial jewelry production

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