Hydrotermal growing technology

Petra created emerald and bixbite rough is manmade and has the same composition and structure as natural gemstones. Our gemstones are created with hydrothermal process. The first steps to produce lab created emerald by hydrothermal method were made at the beginning of 1930s. The crystals are grown in acidic water solutions at high temperature and pressure. Average growth speed is 0,2-0,3 mm per day. Such process is very close to the natural conditions in which emerald and bixbite are formed.
Lab created emeralds are so similar to the natural ones that it is very difficult for an average eye to identify the difference. The differences between both kinds of gems can be identified only by an expert with the help of high magnification instruments. The natural gemstones have different minerals and gases which get included during the molten stage of natural stone development. It is the main difference because lab made gemstones undergo controlled and steady process of minerals, pressure and heat application, thus have less inclusions and are very close to perfection.

Natural emerald

Created emerald

Normally created gemstones have fewer inclusions and fractures than natural, which makes them more attractive than natural gemstones. They are also more durable and better withstand stress such as heat and ultrasonic cleaners. Buying natural emeralds can be tricky because they are exposed to various treatments, such as oiling, fracture filling and dyeing, in order to lessen the appearance of cracks; surface cracks and cavities may be in-filled with plastic, epoxy, or wax in order to reduce the visibility of surface area flaws. This is not an issue with created counterparts because there have less cracks and inclusions which means they do not need additional treatment.