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Nature is a creator of the marvelous and inimitable masterpieces! Emerald is on of its flawless creations. Look at the Petra Emerald crystals and you will see image of nature in them.

Green Ice

The mineral name is expected to derive from Perso-Arabic «Zummurud», «Zumrundi» (green) and dates back to Sankrit word «Zammorod». There is also another explanation from Latin «Esmeraude». In Antcient Rus emerald was known as Smaragt which came from Greece. And Columbian Indians called their emeralds «green ice» (vierdo hielo)... The most ancient known reference was made by Theophrastus (371 – 287 BC). The name «Emerald» appeared only in the 16th century.

Central Point

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February 22-26, 2017
The 59th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair, Impact Challenger, Bangkok
Petra Asia Booth NN42

February 28- March 04, 2017
Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show
Petra Asia Booth AWE 10-F35

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