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Natural technology

The expression “Natural technology” is quite unusual but it describes the hydrothermal method of crystals growing. This technology for emeralds growing is created by Nature and is merely improved by human idea. The main essence of hydrothermal method is grinded natural beryl is placed into an autoclave filled with mineralizer solution. Then the bottom of the mass is being heated the seeding crystal begins to grow in the upper part of the autoclave. It is just sketchy description of the technology, we want just to illustrate the process in common terms and persuade you that there are no commercial secrets. The key manufacturing secrets of Petra company are the using of high qualified materials and the experience of company masters. 

For more than 20 years the Petra experts have been accumulated the experience of hydrothermal emerald growing. Today we have manufacturing enterprise with well defined work cycle that allows to get specified qualities of the crystals.
Petra's specialists don't mark time . Now they make experiments for improving the current products and carry new elaborations. Industrial growth of ruby and sapphire crystals is one of such new technologies.
Since 2009 one of the top Petra company priority directions is refinement of natural amethyst and topaz crystals. This includes our technology of irradiation topaz coloring which allows to get Swiss Blue crystals from colorless topaz. By using the same technology for a natural amethyst we managed to intensify its color from light tinted crystal to the medium intensity color.

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